Vote ‘Yes’ on nearly $91 million Edmond school bond

EDMOND – Edmond voters will have the chance to vote on a $90.66 million bond in a special school election on Feb. 10.

Edmond school district leaders said they anticipate this bond would be followed by a similar-sized bond for the election in 2017.

The two-phase plan would fund construction of safe rooms in every school, stadium expansions at all three high schools and allow for the purchase of technology, curriculum materials and textbooks.

The passage of the Feb. bond issue would allow the school district to add enough safe rooms to adequately protect all 23,552 students during severe weather.

Currently, only about 8,000 students can be housed in existing safe rooms.

School District administrators say the two-phase plan includes adding 90 new classrooms, four media centers, four computer labs, three multi-purpose rooms, three gymnasiums, two band rooms, and three high school stadium upgrades.

The stadium expansions at each high school will allow each school to host its own football games.

In the last five years, Edmond Public Schools has grown at about 550 students each year.

Due to the growth, the district plans to add a fourth high school around 2020.

Edmond Public Schools is presenting the bond issue to voters because of the projected growth in the district’s property value and the retirement of outstanding bonds.

The bond issue is not expected to raise property taxes, but is expected to boost Edmond’s high property value.

Brad Reeser, a successful Realtor in Edmond, believes these school upgrades and expansions will improve the quality of our great schools, which will then help raise property value, reduce crime, and attract businesses that bring new jobs.

“Families want to live in areas with good schools, and companies and businesses want to move to areas with good schools because that is where their employees will want to live,” said Reeser.

Reeser said the great quality of our Edmond schools is one of the main reasons for our high property values, and that this school bond protects our home values and keeps our community vibrant and growing with families.

“It’s vital to the community of Edmond that our schools remain strong and we need to vote YES on the bond,” Reeser said.

Edmond Public Schools has passed more than 50 consecutive bond issues since the 1950’s.

If voters approved the bond issue, construction could begin in the summer on the bond issue projects.

School elections are held at regular precincts.

Voters must vote at the precinct where they are registered.

The polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Click here to read about the Feb. 10, 2015 bond issue details.

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