Top Selling Oklahoma Girl Scout Hungry to Break Another Cookie Record This Year

EDMOND, Okla. – Katie Francis may look familiar to you and your sweet tooth.  That’s because this girl in green from Oklahoma City made national headlines last year for selling a record number of Girl Scout Cookies.  21,477 boxes to be exact!

Katie, 12, is back selling the tasty treats, and is hungry to win again!  This year, she hopes to break her record and sell 21,500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  Her lifetime goal is to sell 100,000 boxes, and she’s well on her way.

Even though she’s the reigning champ of cookie sales, Katie says she doesn’t feel the pressure.

“It really drives me because it’s so much fun.  I spend every spare moment selling cookies.  After school I change into my Girl Scout uniform and sell through the evening hours,” said Katie.

Katie says the secret ingredients to her success include time, commitment, and asking everyone she knows.

The star seller says sometimes dance classes, piano lessons, and voice lessons get skipped during the busy cookie selling season.

Brad Reeser and Katie Francis
Katie Francis receiving Girl Scouts Scholarship from Brad Reeser

Once again this year, the Brad Reeser real estate team is trying to help Katie become #1 in cookie sales and reach her goal.

Brad Reeser has been providing scholarships each year to the Girl Scouts Western, Oklahoma. Katie was awarded the scholarship, and said it inspired her to become a top cookie seller.

“Thank you for offering this experience to Girl Scouts. It’s an amazing experience and I’m so glad I had it. The scholarship is one of the reasons I wanted to sell cookies to begin with.” The scholarship motivated me to do it in the first place,” Katie said.

Katie also is proud that she can help others through her cookie sales. Customers can buy boxes of cookies and send them overseas for our troops with “Operation Cookie Drop”.  Also, customers can buy cookies to donate to the Regional Food Bank.

So, how many boxes has Katie sold so far this year?  She’s not telling.  Katie wants to keep the tally a secret until the very end of the sale.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Katie does! She says she like the Samoas (Caramel Delights) the best!

Order your favorites today! You can help Katie become #1 in cookie sales and enjoy great cookies or let others enjoy them. Better hurry! The cookie sale ends March 29th!

There are some new cookies this year, including a Gluten free cookie! Click here to see the list of cookies available.

Checks are to be made payable to Girl Scouts Western,OK and are $4.00/box, with the exception of Toffee-Tastic which is $5.00 per box.

Donations of any size are welcome as well and will go toward the Operation Cookie Drop.

You may mail donations & cookie orders to:
Brad Reeser
10 E Campbell
Edmond, OK 73034
Reach Katie at
Good Luck Katie!


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