Back-to-School Tax Free Weekend in Oklahoma: Aug. 7 – Aug. 9

Get ready to shop til you drop this weekend!

That’s because Oklahoma’s tax free weekend for 2015 starts Friday, Aug. 7 and runs through Aug. 9.

Oklahoma shoppers won’t have to pay tax on items on clothing and shoes under $100, which comes in handy with students going back to school this month!

You don’t have to be a parent or student to get the back-to-school deals.  Shoppers of all ages can take advantage of the state tax break.

The tax-free event not only waives Oklahoma’s 4.5% sales tax rate, it also lifts any county or city sales taxes!  If you do your homework, shop around, and find some coupons, you can save even more at the stores!

Before you start shopping, click here to check out the retail rules and what is tax exempt.

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